Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Update

Season’s Greetings, everyone!

This year has been an extremely successful year for us. Between August and December 2013, we have trained over 300 social workers, Occupational therapists and nurses on telecare and assistive technologies. We have helped some authorities to refresh and reenergise their telecare service resulting in some increasing their uptake by over 70%.

We have been keeping ourselves busy and have provided telecare and help to many people all while keeping a consistently high level of customer service; we have still not yet received a single complaint and our customers continue to recommend us as you can see from the Trading Standards website. For this, and other reasons, we have received a Business in You award nomination, a scheme led by BBC Dragon Den’s Deborah Meaden.

An addition to our team has seen productivity rise. Our newest member, Matthew, is a graduate with experience in customer service in both the UK and Japan. We hope to be able to use his skills in this area along with his technical knowledge to further benefit our customers and try our best to provide them with a safe service.

We are constantly striving to improve the lives of the vulnerable through telecare and are extremely delighted with our team for providing such a high level of service. Our continued efforts with local authorities and healthcare workers has allowed us to provide a valuable service to many across the UK and we will continue in our efforts to provide a safe and non-intrusive means of caring for the vulnerable.

The last thing on the agenda, and one of the main reasons for the timing of this post is to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and our best wishes for the New Year.

If you feel there is someone who can benefit from our telecare services and personal alarms, please refer them to our website or follow us on twitter @CareHarmony

Monday, 17 June 2013

Community Well-being event in Harrow - London

On Saturday 8th June, Care Harmony Solutions attended a wellbeing event in  Dharma Bhakti Manor in Harrow, London to showcase our products and services. It was a lovely, sunny day and we were joined by a number of other healthcare organisations.
We set up our stall amongst the fun and festivities, which included a BBQ, netball court and miniature football for children. Our assisted  living products attracted a lot of attention from visitors. The most popular product proved to be our most-advanced but easy to use medication management device. Other products we had on show included different types of elderly personal alarms, the fall detector, the bed occupancy sensor and other telecare sensors.
Throughout the day, many people - both young and old - came to inquire about our products. They were specifically keen to know how our products could help their elderly relatives and give them peace of mind. Furthermore, there were some social care practitioners and nurses at the event who were keen to understand our products further, in order to recommend them to their patients.
We will continue attending a number of community exhibitions and events throughout this summer in order to understand how we can help our clients further.
Overall, it was a fun day and we met a lot of wonderful people. Many of the visitors had the chance to get familiarised with our products, and see how much ease and security our products can bring to their loved ones.

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